Monday, October 31, 2016

An Engagement Party - Oct/2016

Pictures from an engagement party.

Sweetie organized this party for the new couple.  She also promoted our tea shop,, with all the various types of tea she had available.

She put out her best cups and saucers.

Dodong and Lola

An assortment of Tea and Cookies


Sweetie and Dodong

Pastor Jude, Uncle Mac, and Mama Sue

Another view of the Tea and Cookies

Proof that prayer works: back when this guy was born, (August/2015), he had a rocky start.   We all prayed for him, asking any and all the powers-that-be for any help they could give him, and today he's a healthy little boy.

Thank you!!


The girls hiding from the boys

The Happy Couple

The fat guy in the white shirt is Old Grump

The Happy Couple again, reading little notes we wrote them

It was a really fun party, even for the guys!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Columbus Georgia / Phenix City Alabama - Oct/2016

Recently, (Oct/2016), I went back to the Chattahoochee River Walk to once again take too many pictures.  

I had last taken pics there in mid-July.  (see: )  This time I first crossed the river and went into Alabama, then came back to the Georgia side and walked further downstream.

Starting off from just outside the TSYS campus:

Crossing the Chattahoochee via the pedestrian walkway:

We are now in Alabama!

Back in Georgia, we now walk downstream.

Finally, we finish by walking upstream a bit on the Georgia side.

During October in Columbus Georgia, it is warm, maybe even a bit hot, but pleasantly so.  October is certainly a better month to take a stroll outside than July, when you will melt in the oppressive heat!