Saturday, July 8, 2017

Philippines May/2017 - Misc., Part 2

The last batch of pics from the May/2017 trip to the Philippines.

Still working on that pig!

Kuya walking on the raised trail at the aqua-marine park, near Ozamiz

An odd change came over Lola when she went to the Philippines ..... she would actually POSE for pictures!


The ocean at the aqua-marine park

Sineguelas, also called Spanish Plum.  Very Yummy!!

Sweetie eating sineguelas

In the Philippines, (and I suppose every other tropical country), people love to plant coconut trees RIGHT OUTSIDE THEIR FRONT DOOR, or along a path where everyone walks.  Whenever I express my concern that someone may get bonked by a falling coconut, they look at me like I am deranged.

Coconut Trees which oddly enough aren't right beside someone's front door

There are these weird big black worms in the Philippines.  Actually, I wasn't there so I don't really know what this was, but I've been told it was a "worm".

Coconut Trees towering over the "chicken houses"


At the airport, waiting to board the flight home

In the airplane coming home.  (Dodong wants to stay in the Philippines!)

Whew!  What a trip!!

Philippines May/2017 - Misc., Part 1

Miscellaneous pics from the May/2017 trip Lola, Sweetie, Kuya, and Dodong made to Zamboanga del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines.

Roasting Bananas on an Open Fire

Chickens ready to be cooked.  (Kuya helped kill these chickens!)

Lugaw, used for making Budbud

Lechon, (roasted pig)

Bam-e, which is a combination of pancit and bihon

Dodot posing with the Lechon


The Philippines is famous for its shirts made of special plant fibers, (pineapple, abaka, etc.), which are very, very lovely.  (Or, since they're for men, should I say "handsome"?)


Kuya sleeping in a bunk on one of the inter island ferries

Kuya on the bus

Lola on the bus

Pretty toes begin pedicured

Preparing a Pig for cooking

Remember ..... pics only capture the sights, not the sounds or smells.  To get those, you'll just have to go to the Philippines yourself!

Philippines May/2017 - The Party, Part 3

Last group of pics from Dodot's huge outdoor birthday party.

Kids sitting nicely

Audry posing

Kuya and Dodot

Getting good wishes for Dodot

Kuya as Ronald McDonald

Dodot's birthday cake

Dodong and Kuya got a "welcome to our village" cake

Dodong and the Hamburgler

Kuya wasn't afraid of no Hamburgler

Dodot wasn't afraid either!

McDonald's Employees doing a Party Dance

Auntie Cita with the Hamburgler

Kuya, Auntie Rolly, Dodot, and Uncle JC with the Hamburgler

Dodong joins the group

Thirdy gets his pic taken

More posing with the Hamburgler

It's hard to describe in words how much fun this was!  I guess y'all will just have to come to the Philippines and experience it yourself!