Monday, May 29, 2017

Philippines May/2017 - Hotels

Although the Philippines is a poor country, it is not without its pockets of wealth and luxury.

We stayed at some nice hotels for a few nights.  Oddly enough though, instead of being a pleasant experience, our stay at the Radisson Blu Cebu, (a supposedly five star hotel), was marred by the snottiness and general poor attitude of the staff.  That hotel also ripped us off when we tried to change a reservation.  I would advise you to avoid any dealings with that place!

But the poor folk from Sweetie's village were almost to a person sweet and nice.  (Yeah, there were one or two turkeys, but they don't count!)  Why does the supposed possession of material wealth turn folks into jerks?

Kuya, Lola, and Maemae at the Radisson Blu Cebu, home of the grumpy staff

Dodong and Kuya 

Unlike the jerks at the Radisson in Cebu, the folks who run the Vines Bed and Breakfast in Molave are nice folks.  If you're looking for a place to stay in Zamboanga del Sur, we recommend the Vines.

Vines Bed and Breakfast in Molave

The kids eating treats at the Vines in Molave

Check out Lola's hair!!

Dodong liked this chair at the Vines

The family having lunch at the Vines

Hi Mama Rolly!

We also stayed at the Royal Gardens Hotel in Ozamiz, which is also a pleasant place to stay.

At the Royal Garden Hotel in Ozamiz

Auntie Pina was chilly in the Royal Garden's air-conditioning.

After being treated horribly at the stupid Radisson Blu, when we returned to Cebu City we stayed at the Express Inn, where we were treated very well.

Dodong, Kuya, and Maemae at the Express Inn, Cebu City

Bye, bye!!

The moral of this story is that, if you are visiting Cebu City, there are better places to stay than the Radisson Blu!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Philippines May/2017 - People, Part 3

I've heard it said that the main export of the Philippines is people, and that could be true.  Life over there ain't easy, so anyone who manages to educate themselves and carve out a living for themselves has done quite well.

Uncle Ali

"Rinaldo" drove the truck?

Eating at a "fancy" restaurant


"Rinaldo" helping us again

Working in the kitchen

Kuya harassing Brena

Lunch at a restaurant - quite a luxury

Pass the soy sauce?

Kuya on a motorcycle

Philippines May/2017 - People, Part 2

More pics of filipinos!

If you've never been to Asia, you'll find it difficult to believe how many people live there.  

In addition to people, there are lots of chickens everywhere.  LOUD chickens!

"Thirdy" is his name

John Paul and "Thirdy"

JC, the current Lord of the house

Hi Kuya!

Pretty girl

Another pretty girl


Hi Ramel!

Plenty of chickens and attractive young ladies

Notice the stocking cap and sweater.  It was FRIGGIN' HOT outside, as in oven-roasted hot.  How she didn't roast is a mystery.

"Rinaldo" strolling past the back of the house

Yet another pretty girl!

Hey Western Guy, if you're intentions for my sister aren't honorable, I'm gonna cut you into little pieces!