Sunday, May 28, 2017

Philippines May/2017 - People, Part 2

More pics of filipinos!

If you've never been to Asia, you'll find it difficult to believe how many people live there.  

In addition to people, there are lots of chickens everywhere.  LOUD chickens!

"Thirdy" is his name

John Paul and "Thirdy"

JC, the current Lord of the house

Hi Kuya!

Pretty girl

Another pretty girl


Hi Ramel!

Plenty of chickens and attractive young ladies

Notice the stocking cap and sweater.  It was FRIGGIN' HOT outside, as in oven-roasted hot.  How she didn't roast is a mystery.

"Rinaldo" strolling past the back of the house

Yet another pretty girl!

Hey Western Guy, if you're intentions for my sister aren't honorable, I'm gonna cut you into little pieces!

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