Saturday, March 26, 2016

Loropetalum Madness!!

Here in North Macon landscapers have made extensive use of the pink-flowering form of the Chinese fringe flower, Loropetalum chinense.  When conditions are ideal in the spring, the results can be spectacular.

It's also cherry blossom time here in Macon, and while the trees aren't as knock-down-gorgeous as they've been in prior years, (due to the crazy weather recently, I assume), they're still a pretty sight.

The wisteria are in full bloom now too.  I've never understood why the wisteria aren't as appreciated as the cherry trees, unless they aren't actually wisteria at all, but rather the blooming of that dreaded vine that threatens to blanket the south, the crazy kudzu.

Although the growth of the vines in these pics is certainly aggressive, it isn't aggressive enough for me to believe that it is kudzu, (which is INSANELY INVASIVE!).  So I'm going to stick with my initial "wisteria" prognosis.

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