Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fixing Lolo's House - Part 2, Construction Begins

With the old house now demolished and out of the way, construction can begin on the new house.

First a secure foundation needs to be laid:

Rebar will make the house sturdy

The majority of the work was done by hand.

Mixing concrete by hand

Mix that concrete!!

The "chicken coop" where Sweetie's sister and her family were living during the construction was not totally horrid, as you can see.  (In the pic is a neighbor girl.)

Lots of rebar should help make this house very sturdy.

Hooray for rebar!

We love rebar!

We quickly ran out of materials, and had to order some more.

More Gravel!

Things are going well, so far.  We just hope we don't run out of money before the house is complete!

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