Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Towards the end of 2017 we took a break from rebuilding Lolo's house, and constructed a piggery.

The piggery a joint venture between our family and Sweetie's sister's family, with us putting up most of the money for the structures, and Sweetie's sister and her husband doing most of the hard work raising the pigs.

The piggery

Inside the piggery, as it was being built

It's important to have a pen you can clean easily

Piggie food!

Happy pigs

An interesting construction technique

Hi Piggies!

In the pen

Gravel, used to make cement, (or concrete - I don't know the difference!
Constructing the pens

Improvised gate

Not related to pigs, but very important anyway.  Dodot, the son of Sweetie's sister, got an award at school!

Sweetie's sister and her family are still living in the chicken coop until we finish rebuilding Lolo's house.  This is a view of what it looks like in the chicken coop.


The finished gate

Human food

The chicken coop "pantry"

Is that a sack of rice?

I think that is rebar?

Delivering the gravel

Happy, healthy pigs

The piggery under construction

That looks like bud-bud to me

The smooth surface makes these pens easy to clean

All the construction work was done by hand

Happy pigs in their new home

I am NOT a pig.  I am a cow!

Before the gate was installed

The pens have a faucet where the pigs can get a drink whenever they want

Building materials

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