Friday, December 9, 2016

Columbus, Georgia - Dec/2016

Some pics I took early this December whilst walking around the apartment complex where Venerable Sanford lives.

Wild roses are amazingly tough plants.  I suppose it is a testament of sorts to the talents (?) of plant breeders that they were able to make hybrid tea roses so weak and susceptible to disease.

More roses.  What tough and beautiful plants these are!  However, I HATE growing them, because their thorns are so nasty!

This is one of several loquat trees on the premises.  If I am still in Columbus next spring, and these blossoms make it through the winter, I'll be sure to collect yummy loquat fruit next year!

And more roses!!

The weather here in Georgia is getting downright cold and nasty in a few days, so we'll see how well all these plants hold up.  But I can guarantee you that the roses will do just fine!

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