Friday, June 2, 2017

Philippines May 2017 - Dogs

One thing you'll notice about the rural areas of the Philippines is that, in addition to chickens, there are dogs everywhere.

They're just medium sized generic "filipino dogs", but I've heard that they make excellent security systems.  This is because rabies shots for dogs are not enforced in the Philippines, and so if you get bit by a dog, (and you don't have the money for rabies shots, which most folks don't), it may be a death sentence.

My wife had a classmate who died of rabies.  She said that as the disease progressed her family had to tie her by her leg to a table.  Ugh!!  What an awful way to go!

Dogs, dogs, everywhere!

Killing and cooking a chicken.  Kuya and the doggie helped!

Scavenging for leftovers

Better not leave those doggie alone with that lechon!

This dog went to the birthday party!

Life as a dog in the provinces is hard .....

...... real hard!!

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