Saturday, June 24, 2017

Philippines May/2017 - The Party, Part 1

While in the Philippines, Sweetie had McDonalds come out to her family's village to celebrate Dodot's birthday.  It was quite a big deal, as many of the folks there had never eaten McDonald's food before.

Neighbors at the birthday party

More neighbors at the birthday party

Lola talking to Edna

In the center in Dodot's Mama

Setting up the decorations

Watching the McDonald's people setting up for the party

Dodot, seated in the middle

Start of the party

Sweetie's arm, helping a kid who showed up late get some goodies

Two lines of kids

Every kid eventually got a balloon!

Watching the kids 

Kuya and Sweetie competing on the "white hair" game

Kuya and Thirdy both won

Lining up for the "planting rice" game

Watching the kids compete

If you can imagine 50+ kids all trying to play games, then you might have some idea of the excitement going on at the party.

Everyone had a blast!

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