Sunday, June 4, 2017

Philippines May/2017 - Lolo's House

Many years ago Lolo, (Sweetie's Papa), built a very, very nice house out the provinces of Zamboanga del Sur.

Time passed, and as the years went by the house began to age, showing wear and tear from the many inhabitants it sheltered, and scars from the myriad abuses of Mother Nature.

This is how it appeared in May of 2017.  We will be repairing some of it, (as money allows), and hope to have pictures of the house once it is restored to a portion of its former glory.

Lola walking through the kitchen

Hanging out on the Front Porch

The "new" bedroom

The "new" bedroom

In the Living Room looking into the Kitchen

An outside wall

Kitchen roof.  (Yes, it's in Bad Shape!)

Kitchen Door and Roof
Kitchen Roof  (Ugh!)

Kitchen Roof

Looking at the side of the house from the front porch

The steps to the second floor are in the living room

Kuya and Dodot in the "new" bedroom

Kitchen Roof

Lola in the Kitchen

Dodong in the Living Room, in the middle of the night!

Outside Table next to the Porch

Upstairs "Window".  (Just an opening in the wall, actually.)  

It's just as well that Old Grump wasn't with us, as we're not sure the deteriorated upstairs floor would have held his weight.  (Grump ain't a lightweight by any means!)

The Floor Upstairs.  (Yep, it needs replaced!)

Upstairs Floor from the Living Room

A brace holding the Upstairs Floor together

Looking at the Upstairs from Downstairs

The Upstairs Balcony

Upstairs Balcony again

The stairs to the Second Floor, going up from the Living Room

The rest of these pics are of the kitchen roof, which is in horrible shape.  We hope to have the kitchen "remodeled" soon ..... stay tuned!

Hole in the Kitchen Roof

One of the buckets positioned to catch water when it rains.

This "gutter" in the kitchen is a disaster!

Plastic roof "patch"

Big hole in the roof!

This roof is way past its prime!

Gaping hole!

Looking at the big hole again

So let's pray that the construction work goes smoothly, (that no one gets hurt!), and that soon Lolo's old house will look like (almost) new again!

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